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UFST Turbo Box

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Sat, 03 Jun 2017 13:13:00 -0600
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<b style="background-color: rgb(26, 26, 26);">Android UFST V1.0.5.2 Pre-Release For ALL Users (Updated 2016 September 14
or from Support site:

for UFST and UFS Turbo Only.
New Vendor Tab [Var] Added for Various Models (ARK, Artel, Cherry,.., YU, ZTE)
More Alcatel Models Added:
4009D, 4009E, 4009F, 4009X (Pixi 3-35); 4035A, 4035D, 4035X, 4035Y (Pop D3)
5010D, 5010X (Pixi 4-5); 5015A, 5015D, 5015E, 5015X (Pixi 3-5)
5017A, 5017D, 5017X (Pixi 3-45); 6032A, 6032X (Idol Alpha)
6039A, 6039K, 6039S, 6039Y (Idol 3-47); 6040A, 6040D, 6040E, 6040X (Idol X)
7054T (Flash+); 8008D (Scribe HD); 8020D, 8020X (Hero)
More Lenovo Models Added:
A816, A820, A6000, A6000-L, A6000+, A6010, A6020a40, A6020a46, K30-T,
K30-W, K32c30, K32c36, K920, P1a42, P1c72, PB1-750M, S60-A, S60-T, S60-W,
S90-A, S90-E, S90-T, S90-U, S898T, X2Pt5, X3a40, X3c50, X3c70, Z2, Z2t,
Z90-3, Z90-7, Z90a40
More LG Models Added:
AS330, AS986, AS992, D331, D331TR, D335, D335E, D337, D690, D690N, D693,
D693AR, D693N, D693TR, F560K, F570S, F670K, F670L, F670S, F740L, H221F,
H320, H320AR, H320MB, H324, H324T, H324TR, H326TV, H420, H420F, H422,
H422F, H422TV, H440V, H442, H500F, H500G, H500TR, H502, H502F, H502G,
H502TV, H502Y, H540, H540F, H540T, H542, H542TR, H635CX, H735MT, H735T,
H815P, H840, H840TR, H845, H848, H850AR, H858, H900PR, H960ATR, H960P,
H960YK, H961AN, K120AF, K120E, K120F, K120FT, K120GT, K120H, K120P, K121,
K200DS, K200DSF, K200MT, K220, K220DS, K330, K330TN, K332, K350K, K350NDS,
K350Z, K410, K410A, K410F, K410G, K430AR, K430DSE, K430F, K500DS, K500DSF,
K500DSK, K500DSZ, K500H, K500N, K500TR, K520D, K520F, K520K, K530, K530F,
K535, K535N, K557, K580, K580DS, K580DSK, K580DSZ, K580F, K580H, K580TR,
K580Y, K580Z, MS330, US375, V521, VK815, VS500
More Micromax Models Added:
E455, E457, E471, E481, E483, E484, Q332, Q334, Q338, Q350, Q350R, Q352,
Q386, Q392, Q395, Q411, Q412, Q413, Q414, Q417, Q424, Q450, Q461, Q469
MCU ID Aliasing Improved.
Fixed Operations on new GPT partitioned Devices (MT6580, MT6735,.. MT6795)
[Reset FRP] Enabled in Both, Flash and ADB Modes (Flash Mode not Need ROOT)
FRP Reset in SAHARA (QFIL) Flash Mode for GPT partitioned Devices.
Enabled to Read All Disks, not Only Disk 0 (Will generate RawprogramN.xml)
Fixed Flashing issue for some Devices with new sboot (A310F, A510F,..)
Direct [Unlock] and [Reset MSL] for SHANNON Modem based Devices (CP: SS3xx)
(A310, A510, A710, .., G92x, G93x, .., Jxxx, .., N92x, ..)
[Reset MSL] Need if want to [Write Cert.] or [Init Locks] in [Gen.Settings]
Not need to Root. Use USB Connection. Direct [Unlock] not need [Reset MSL]
More Samsung Models Added:
G600F, G600S, J510FQ, J710FQ, N9300, N930A, N930F, N930F-DS, N930K, N930L,
N930P, N930R4, N930R7, N930S, N930T, N930V, N930W8, T285YD, T818
More Sony Models Added:
F5321 (Xperia X Compact Kugo)
ARK Models Added:
Benefit A1, Benefit A2, Benefit A3, Benefit i1, Benefit i2, Benefit i3,
Benefit M2, Benefit M4, Benefit M5, Benefit M501, Benefit M502,
Benefit M503, Benefit M6, Benefit M7, Benefit M7 HWV2, Benefit M8,
Benefit S401, Benefit S502, Impulse P1, Impulse P1+, Impulse P2
ARTEL Models Added:
Adi 5s, Choice 7.0, Neo, P1, P1 Mini, Sentinel X 8G, Sentinel X 16G,
Star 7.0, Style 7.0, Vision 10.0
CHERRY Mobile Models Added:
Cheer, Cosmos One, Cubix Cube 2, Emerald, Equinox Night, Excalibur,
Flare 3, Flare S Play, Flare 3 Octa, Flare S3 Power, Flare XL, Fuze,
Fuze S, Infinix Pure, Garnet, Omega 3, Omega 4G, Omega HD 2.0, One G1,
FLY Models Added:
FS505, FS507, IQ4516
GIONEE Models Added:
D1, E3, E5, E6, E7 Mini, E8, F103M, F103 Pro, G2, G3, G3 512, G4, G5,
M2 4GB, M2 8GB, M3, M5, M5+. M5 Lite, P2, P2S, P3, P3S, P4, P5L, P5 Mini,
P5W, P6, S5.1L, S5.5, V4, V4S, V5
INTEX Models Added:
Aqua 3G, Aqua 3G Mini, Aqua 3X, Aqua 4G+, Aqua 4X, Aqua 5X, Aqua A1,
Aqua Air, Aqua Air 2, Aqua Amaze, Aqua Amoled, Aqua Curve, Aqua Curve Mini,
Aqua Desire, Aqua Desire HD, Aqua Dream, Aqua Glam, Aqua HD, Aqua HD 5.0,
Aqua i14, Aqua i15, Aqua i3K, Aqua i2, Aqua i4, Aqua i4+, Aqua i5,
Aqua i5 HD, Aqua i5 Mini, Aqua i5 Octa, Aqua i6, Aqua i7, Aqua Irist,
Aqua KAT, Aqua Life, Aqua M5, Aqua N15, Aqua N17, Aqua N2, Aqua N4, Aqua N8,
Aqua Octa, Aqua Power, Aqua Power+, Aqua Power HD, Aqua Slice, Aqua Speed,
Aqua Speed HD, Aqua Star HD, Aqua Star L, Aqua Star Power, Aqua Style 4.0,
Aqua Style Mini, Aqua Style X, Aqua Style VX, Aqua T2, Aqua Trend,
Aqua Turbo 4G, Aqua Wonder QC, Aqua Xtreme, Aqua Xtreme 2, Aqua Xtreme V,
Aqua Y2, Aqua Y2 Remote, Aqua Y3, Aqua Y4,
Cloud 4G Star, Cloud Breeze, Cloud Champ, Cloud N12, Cloud Pace, Cloud Power+,
Cloud X11, Cloud X3, Cloud X3+, Cloud X4, Cloud X5, Cloud Y1, Cloud Y10,
Cloud Y11, Cloud Y12, Cloud Y13, Cloud Y13+, Cloud Y17, Cloud Y17+, Cloud Y2,
Cloud Y3, Cloud Y4+, Cloud Y7
LAVA Models Added:
Flair P3, Flair S1, Iris Alfa L
NOUS Models Added:
NS3, NS5, NS6, NS5003, NS5511
OPPO Models Added:
A11w, A51kc, F1, R1001, R1011, R2001, R7f, R7g, R7kc, R7kf, R7kt, R821, R827,
R829, R829T, R831K, R831T
QMOBILE Models Added:
A110, A115, A120, A290, A3 SE, A30, A300, A34, A500, A51, A55, A550, A600,
A63,A65, A650, A700, A75, A8i, A900i, A910, A950, i10, i12, i5i, i5i Classic,
i6, i6i, i7, i8, i9, L15, LT700, M300, M350, M82, M90, S1, S2, S29, S3, S5,
X10 V2, X100, X150, X20, X200, X25, X250, X30, X30i, X300, X35, X37, X400,
X450, X550, X600, X70, X700i, X800, X90, X950, Z4, Z6, Z7, Z8, Z9
XIAOMI Models Added:
Redmi 2 HM2014811, Redmi 2 HM2014813, Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 3
XOLO Models Added:
8X-1000, 8X-1000i, 8X-1010, A1000s, A1000s Lite, A1010, A500 Club, A500L,
A500s, A500s IPS, A500s Lite, A510s, A550s, A600, A700s, Black, Cube 5.0,
Cube 5.0 2GB, Era 4K, Omega 5.0, Omega 5.5, One, Opus 3, Play 6X-1000,
Play 8X-1100, Play 8X-1200, Prime, Q1000, Q1000s, Q1000s+, QQ1001, Q1010,
Q1010i, Q1011, Q1020, Q1200, Q2000, Q2100, Q2500, Q3000, Q500s ISP, Q510s,
Q520s, Q600, Q600 Club, Q610s, Q700, Q700 Club, Q700i, Q700s, Q700s+, Q710s,
Q800, Q800x, Q900, Q900t
YU Models Added:
YU4711, YU5010A
ZTE Models Added:
Blade A452, Blade A460

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